NEW !!!!                                                        THE PURE AND SIMPLE FL10-MAX                       WITH FLUORSORB tm                             FLUORIDE REMOVAL CARTRIDGE 

     Utility companies for years have been adding Fluoride to our drinking water supposedly to help the health of our teeth. However certain studies pointed out that it is really only useful in teeth forming years and could be detrimental to those in our later years. A study in Australia years ago found that there were higher incidents of teeth "mottling" in areas of municipal "medication" as compared with non-medicated waters yet children were receiving regular Fluoride treatments. There are studies on both sides of this fence. My concern is that after years of operating municipal water facilities it is quite normal to have equipment breakdowns, operational "oops", which could lead to misdosing the public. As Fluoride is a poisonous chemical in high doses I find it a bit disturbing that we are relying on these facilities to medicate us. In either case it is your choice in the end whether to remove it from your drinking water. As it reacts more like a mineral it is not removed by regular activated carbon filtration but by either reverse osmosis or Fluoride removal specific filters.


   FluorSorbTM is an activated carbon bonded with a naturally occurring form of calcium.  Due to it's unique chemical properties, it has a high capacity for negative ion adsorption and exchange, particularly the Fluoride ion.  Internal and Independent testing conducted in accordance with EPA testing methods, consistently showed real fluoride removal rates of over 75%.


   The FL-10MAX with FluorSorb-MAXTM is all-natural, alumina-free FluorSorbTM,  that is processed in a proprietary way to significantly enhance it's fluoride removal capacity and efficacy.  It is the result of over 6 years of fluoride removal research and has yielded phenomenal fluoride removal results.  Internal and Independent testing conducted in accordance with EPA testing methods, consistently showed real fluoride removal rates of nearly 100%:  


1). With Higher & less common municipal water fluoride levels:

Removed from 2.2mg/L (tap) down to 0.1mg/L (filtered) (EPA Method 340.2 - Internal Test)


2). With Lower & most common municipal water fluoride levels):


Removed from 0.71mg/L (tap) down to <0.05mg/L (filtered) (EPA Method 300.0 - Independent Test)

Please note that levels below 0.05mg/L (<0.000005%) are considered "Non-Detectable" by many accredited labs.  We selected to do this ultra-sensitive testing due to our unwavering commitment to removing as much fluoride as possible, naturally. The testing is done at a real-life setting with a flow rate of apx. 0.5 gallons/min using municipal water from a regular kitchen faucet.


FluorSorb-MAXTM offers additional benefits such as: Raising Alkaline pH, and filtering various anionic (negatively charged) and cationic (positively charged) contaminants, e.g.: radioisotopes, metals and chemicals.


Primary Purpose: For Effective Reduction of:  

1. Fluoride 

2. Arsenic 

3. Bromide 

Secondary Purpose: For Effective Reduction of:

4. Uranium 

5. Plutonium 

6. Radium 

7. Heavy Metals 

8. Organic Chemicals 

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